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We firmly stand against the practice of constantly adding small fees to our clients' bills. We have chosen to use a percentage-based rate to ensure that all of our service costs are covered, without the need for additional charges as wedding needs evolve. This approach remains consistent, whether it involves extra research, the addition of more team members due to an increased guest count, or the escalation of complexity in your wedding, requiring additional efforts on our part to ensure a truly extraordinary day.

While some companies might overcharge or undercharge for supplementary tasks, we will never engage in such practices. The percentage-based system maintains fairness in our service fee scale, and because we prioritize complete transparency, you will never have to speculate about our costs or worry if we are charging appropriately to get the job done.

The investment you make in your wedding is entirely contingent on your individual preferences. Contrary to what you might read in blogs, there's no one-size-fits-all percentage-based method to determine the cost of your wedding. The final figures are influenced by your unique priorities, the chosen wedding location, and the prevailing market rates in that area. Once we establish these factors, we can then delve into important questions like whether you prefer a live band or a DJ, if you gravitate toward minimalistic décor or a profusion of floral arrangements, and if you envision a traditional three-course dinner or a fine dining experience complemented by wine pairings.

 We assist our clients in shaping their wedding vision, and once those expectations are established, the design aligns accordingly.

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Below is a quick view comparison of our packages. Please review each package for details service inclusions as the comparison below has been abbreviated for viewing convenience.

Your wedding

is an investment
in a lifetime
of memories


Why do we charge a
percentage rate on
full planning services?

Why are we sharing this while other planners don't?

We recognize that there are event planners with both lower and higher fees than ours. It's crucial to understand that our pricing is not in direct competition with theirs because we offer entirely unique event planning experiences, services, talents, connections, and expertise. Our fees are a direct reflection of what we bring to the table, and we will not adjust our rates to align with others' offerings. Our focus remains on delivering the distinct value we bring to our clients.

Our approach is built on complete transparency and fostering trust with our clients. We have no reservations about discussing financial matters; in fact, it's an essential part of our process. Our foremost concern is ensuring our clients' comfort and confidence during the planning journey.

Every wedding we craft is meticulously tailored to reflect your specific preferences and personal style. We encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your requirements, and we will collaboratively create a realistic budget before we even begin the planning process.


Elana and her team were absolutely amazing with planning, executing, day of coordinating our amazing wedding day in April 2018! Elana was the first investment my husband and i made after getting engaged! I know Elana was going to be my wedding planner before i was even engaged! Her social media presence, precious reviews, hearing testimonials from other EWE brides, I KNEWW therefore I was so happy when she was available for our date and we instantly clicked! Elana was always extra attentive to our needs, she was always available, for business, for ideas, for venting sessions, she was always there- so crucially important for brides! 

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