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I could share how great of a planner and designer Elana is, but if you’ve had just a glance at her Instagram or seen any of her viral weddings- you already know that. Yes, Elana is top notch in her field and the best of the best- but she is so much more than that. I was a “covid bride” who had to reschedule my wedding twice. I’m not the type of person that works well with plans alternative to exactly how I want them, so needless to say I did not take this well. Elana handled the changes (and me) so flawlessly and with so much patience and grace. And not just me- my mother too! She was not just a planner, but a sounding board, family chaos coordinator, and a friend. When you choose elana you’re not just deciding on a beautiful event, but so much more than that. I would choose her 1000 times over!

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Latoya P.